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This is the most experienced production line at Ideartes impresores, specialized in the production of packaging such as boxes, bags and cases. It also offers all types of printed matter for advertising and/or branding elements.


Everything you need to read about the medication you are taking

The inserts are a fundamental part of the packaging of a drug, since they contain the information that the patient should know about the active ingredients he/she is consuming.

Folding Boxes

Packaging for medicine, food, clothing and more

This type of boxes is very versatile when it comes to adapting it to a product, they can have different sizes, types of closures, wide variety of materials such as cardboard. Internal and external finishes will help meet the needs of the product.

Labels and Stickers

Identify your products and take your brand everywhere

Labels and stickers play a fundamental role in giving a simple and practical identity to your products. You can identify clothing items and even customize generic packaging containing your product.

Personalized cases

Unique experiences for product unboxing

Paper and/or cardboard boxes designed for a premium experience, with details and finishes that highlight your product. Customized designs for product launches, corporate gifts, among others.


Paper bags that offer brand visibility

Brand packaging is vital to the customer experience, it conveys reliability and trust. Paper bags, in addition to giving greater brand visibility, are also reusable and recyclable. You can customize them with the finishes you like.

Corporate Stationery

Professionalism for your brand

It is present in many of the relationships with clients, therefore having a well cared and coherent corporate stationery gives you the opportunity to transmit the message you want to communicate about your company at all times.

Books, Notebooks and Agendas

To learn, note and record ideas

Paper books have a symbolic value and offer the assurance that they will never stop working, but these are not their only advantages. According to several scientific studies, reading printed texts allows you to concentrate more and remember better what you have read.

Packaging Development

We design and create the ideal packaging for your product.

Receive advice from the design of the assembly and closing system, to the most suitable material for your product. Functionality, creativity and innovation in one place.


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