Get to know the products of our Large Format and POP line.

The sencond business line created by Ideartes, here we develop your ideas in large format! and we stamp promotional items with your brand.

Merchandising material, vinyl murals, banners, street signs, signage, vinyl cut vinyl, altarpieces, laser cut wood and acrylic, promotional furniture, lithographic dies and the development of your custom needs.

Banners and Vinyls

Turn every glance into a potential customer

Digital printing can be done on materials such as banners, mesh canvas, smooth and micro-perforated vinyls, among others. They are a great complement for both indoor and outdoor advertising campaigns.

POP Material

Let your brand be everywhere

Its objective is to create an emotional connection with the customer, it can be from decoration at the gondola point to a pen with your logo on it. It is a way for your brand to accompany the user in his daily life, which will give visibility to other potential customers.

Signs and Signage

Communicates, identifies and decorates relevant spaces

It is the best visual medium on acrylic or rigid with vinyls, to communicate important information of the areas of a company. These could be: corporate billboards, safety and prevention signs, area identification, industrial signage, among others.

Corporate Gifts

Strengthening ties with the most important

Keep your brand present to strengthen the relationship with suppliers, employees and customers, to build loyalty, to show them how important they are to you. At Ideartes we can make your gift idea come true.

Laser Cutting

Everything you can do

It is a very versatile technique that allows the creation of a great number of products focused on decoration, handicrafts, ornaments, packaging… Also to work with different types of materials such as wood, felt, cardboard, leather, fabric, foam, eva rubber, among others.

Lithographic dies

Cutting precision and versatility

Dies have become an essential graphic arts tool to create eye-catching and special products that generate value within brands. A die is an instrument that cuts different materials following a certain pattern, its operation basically consists of some molds through which the blades pass cutting the material.


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